Products and Services


Why refurbished,
Under the constraints in the natural resources with our world, we encourage the re-use, re-cycle and re-furbish the usable IT equipments with the ever increasing computing power.

Our coverage,
Our suppliers and customers were large distributors and system providers spread all over the world. With this extensive network, we could able to source and supply the right equipments or find the right buyers to clear your excess IT inventory.

Our products,
We are experts in the purchase and resale of used computer and networking hardware. Ranging from the obsolete batteries for the old storage systems to the latest systems or modular boards for your enterprise servers or network backbones. We have been assisting our clients worldwide with our reliable suppliers since 2004.

Our Services,
• Asset recovery:We also specialize in purchasing and liquidating excess IT inventory which can

turn your non-revenue-generating assets into available capital for your company as
well as saving valuable space in your warehouses.

• End-user trade-in
We help partners to win deals when your clients have any systems to be discarded
with the new purchases. This could be a tailor made service with high flexibility to
fit your special biding needs.

We SELL and BUY to save our planet

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